Premium performance
platform for
unified Access Control

Xpass+ is the highest performant solution for integrated corporate security and intelligent video management

The Access Control system with Video Management Server rethought in a product by industry specialists. Every aspect of the system and product deployment has been tested and developed to meet the key requirements of usability, capability and security.

Maximum performance with user experience in all application scenarios: installation, commissioning, daily operation, service and maintenance.

Self-explanatory status indicators on device display and configuration on intuitive mobile apps for easy installation and administration. Up to 16 doors, 32 card readers and 128 IP cameras can be integrated in one Xpass+.


  • Server- and client-application for unified access-& videomanagement, and time attendance
  • For 128 CCTV cameras, 16 door-units and 32 readers
  • Developed to enable future technologies, big data analytics, IoT services and deep machine learning
  • Extremely intuitive, flexible, scalable and independent
  • Intelligent open platform architecture
  • Information display, mobile installation apps and client administration apps, on every mobile device
  • Easy installation, service and exchange, min. downtime
  • Powerfail function, all video data is stored evenly among other servers in the system
  • Maximum security standard

Future Standard in integrated Accesscontrol & VideoManagement

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xpass+ intelligent hardware principle
Frame and insertion slide-in concept: all connectors are placed on frame backside and are marked for easy wiring and installation, required just once.
The server is placed in frame via slide rail
The server can be replaced at any time without repeated wiring. Downtime at a minimum.
Contact is given via PCB direct connector
Xpass+ Mobile Apps Installation/Client
Mobile app for easy step-by-step installation

Easy installation with smartphone-/ tablet App
The installation wizard for xpass+ installation app
supports technicians intuitively on their mobile
device, guiding through the process step by
step and reassuring successful installation and configuration

Examples for comprehensive Administration

Transparent information is given to all user, rules,
access- and control-points and doors.

See and search events and detail information.
Individually configuratable control profiles and
rules engine and much more ease administration
at any time, from any location on your mobile

xpass+ unified Solution Infographic

xpass is the cost-efficient solution for AccessControl with individual scalability

This performant hardware architecture is based on a 1,5GHz-ARM-processor wih 1GB RAM and 8 GB flash
storage. Composed of main unit and door unit xpass is scalable for every requirement and envalues
cost efficient use. The main unit consists of a base board level with 4 digital entries and 2 relais exits (e.g.
for hardware based logic status surveillance of BMA/EMA). A serial interface enables integration of 3rd
party systems (RS232/RS485). The door unit level covers max. 2 isolated RS485 channels for up to 8 reader
and 4 doors with relais and two digital entrances each. The additional door unit extends controls
for further 4 doors in separate license. In total 16 doors are operatable with xpass.
Electric supply with mains adaptor or PoE. Rest-Web-Service, WEb-Socket and MQ cutting site enable easy
integration with leading market systems. Smart mobile apps ensure intuitive attendance and configuration at
every point with WLan/Lan and BLE 4.0. The extensive main unit display showcases operation status and all parameters.


  • Cost efficient high performant accesscontrol
  • Basis covered by main unit controlling 4 doors
  • Additional door unit license for 4+8 doors
  • Scalability for further +4 doors, for total 12 doors
  • Hardware Architecture 1,5 GHz-ARM Processor, 1GB RAM, 8 GM flash-storage
  • Open platform for integration with any system
  • Intuitive interfacedesign, mobile apps for installation & admin
  • Maximum security standard

xward Multioptional Reader for AccessControl

The RFID-Chip and Cardreader presents quiet distinguished Productdesign for modern Architecture; durable wallmounted Housing in Aluminum and black acrylic Glas with compact Measurement of 48 × 48 mm, and also as in-wall Housing Application. xward operates all RFID and biometric Technologies. The dual Frequency simultaneously supports 125 kHz und 13,56 MHz and is compatable with all worldwide common ISO-Stan- kompatibel. Ein weiterer Vorteil im Produktdesign: das dards and Technologies. The Case features a SAM-Cardslot for secure Storage of Keymaterial to be provided conveniently. Communication with the Aces- sController is based on high Security Standard OSDP V 2.1.7 with AES128 Bit Encryption, compatible with all Switch-Programs of leading and common Manufacturers.

LED Lighting Fixtures integrate red, green, yellow, monochrome and in Mix. The Keypad operates numeric 0-9 and with 2 Function Keys. Reader Communication is encrypted to AE128 BIT. xward is part of the Xccelo Innovationprogram providing a unique unified Platform and Solutions for Access Control, Video Management System and Time Attendance, integrating future Technologies as AI, Big Data Analytics and deep machine Learning.


xpass costefficient scalability and retrofitting for individual requirements


  • 6 digital entrances
  • 4 relay exits
  • Controls 4 doors

4 + 8

  • Main Unit + Door Unit connects further 8 doors

4 + 8 + 4

  • Optional door unit
  • Up to 24 digital entrances
  • 6 relay exits
  • Connects further 8 doors