Time and Attendance and
Human Resources planning

The Xtime Time and Attendance Terminal for personnel planning, agile workspaces with multiple attendance times & workmodels and project controlling made easy.

The multifunctional hard- and software solution is individually configuratable to all corporate
requirements and optimated HR support. Technologically and sustainably innovative in every way:
Exceeding coverage of times of presence and absence, xtime identifies workflow scenarios,
and supports project accounting with intuitive user interface for all established RFID technologies
and biometric detection. Activated only by use, xtime minimizes power consumption,
while the light sensor regulates display brightness to environment automatically.
The GUI in mobile app design customizes to meet your corporate identity and design.
xtime is also applicable in clinical environment. The case is equipped with an antibacterial coating
reducing risks caused by most resistant bacterial strain and microbial corrosion in industry.
It is further protected against ingress of water and dust, according to standard IO65.
An intelligent storage management sychronizes the settings of main module and wall devices,
and supports autonomous service. The integrated position- and acceleration sensor
detects damage automatically.


  • Uni-interoperatable terminal without proprietary infrastructure
  • Open system architecture
  • WebServices enable direct integration with third party systems
  • MQTTI interface
  • Highly capable hardware architecture, 1,5GHz-ARM processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB flash storage
  • 5“ multi-touchscreen
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Applicable with all RFID technologies and biometrical detection
  • High IT security
  • Easy to install-assistant app and step-by-step configuration
  • Dual synchronization of main- and wall modules
  • 50.000h life span
  • Certified microsilver coating with antibacterial impact