The technology revolution
in premium performance
Video Management

Discover Xstream features based on future technologies and AI

The video management software Xstream is the high-performance platform when it comes to high demands on a video management system. Xstream supports 100% Onvif compatible devices. The investment costs of necessary server and client hardware are kept low by Xstream. Scope configurable solutions, intuitive user interface and Smart Search. The ability to integrate with third-party systems (burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, access control system, up to logistics control).

Xstream builds on the basis of neural network object classifications, which are stored via metadata in the database of the Video Management System. Simple, flexible and individual arrangement of the cameras, servers and users, archive and live search, bookmarks, lightning fast searching until the beginning of the recording. A detailed system logbook provides DSGVO compliance. Xstream covers all security measures with maximum performance. Shrinkage, logistics scan and flow, and potential exploitation in the retail segment and much more. The software integrated revolutions AI by image analysis and 100% detection of objects / object properties (e.g. shelf filling), animal, children, provides behavioral analysis to the detection of aggression and theft detection.

USP’s overview

  • Most innovative software technology
  • Through integrated Meta Framework proactive hazard analysis, monitoring, control, alarm function and interaction
  • Individual screen configuration, recognition search functions, goods scan analysis, data mining, time-saving search functions
  • With Device Management Software Xbase access local and regional
  • User Experience, intuitive user interface
  • Extensive user and role management
  • Instant messaging and interaction with all mobile devices
  • 100% Onvif compatible
  • Over 220 camera manufacturers with more than 2800 models tested and approved
  • Up to 200 client connections at the same time
  • Integrated failover / failback feature
  • Server upgrade and update via OTA
  • Xstream update centrally via remote
  • LDAP interface
  • High security through client communication HTTPS / openSSL
  • Password encryption to salted hash MD5 and more.

Security, Customer Experience, Big Data

  • Covering all Security and Surveillance Applications
  • Business Intelligence, Logistics and Wareflow, Public, Retail
  • Customer Analytics, Behavior, Peoplecounting
  • Areacontrol, Accesscontrol, Tailgating, Intrusion, Warning, Determent
  • Space- and Zone-Condition Control, Thermosensoring, Heatmapping
  • ID Technology, Person- and Object Identification
  • Unauthorized presence
  • Direction Identification
  • Defocus Identification
  • Fog Detection
  • Virtual Lines, entry, exit, (dis-)appearance
  • Audio Identification, Sound Classification
  • Digital Audiotracking
  • Realtime Search, Time Slice, offline Search, Longterm-Timeline

Xstream User Experience

Xstream is intuitive in every move. Everyone can work it. Nothing can work more. (


Multiple user & role definition

Camera locations, drag & drop to screen
configurate screen individually,
easy camera focus

Universal Fisheye Dewarping, Realtime and
Video, virtual PTZ Tours and more

Logistic scan, wareflow analytics, follow-up

Door-open alarm

Motion tracking, camera follow,
personal ID, face recognition

Visitormanagement, people count

Object identification, color identification

User management, user action review


Intelligent time slice search, offline and
online, event search browsing data within
seconds (motion, color, people, gender,
animals and much more)

  • Flex Grid user interface, individualle configurable
  • Universal fisheye dewarping
  • Advanced PTZ
  • Cloud connect
  • Intuitive user managemeng, LDAP, 
Active Directory
  • Adaptice Scaling
  • Advanced Multi Camera Viewing, 128 streams
  • Super lightweight installer
  • Secure & encrypted, using HTTP and SSL for communication with all system servers
  • Multi video export and rapid view
  • Fast Search, one year recorded video in less than 1 sec. with keywords, cal., bookmarks, smart motion
  • Soft triggers for any event integration, 
3rd party systems
  • Storage analytics
  • Showreel: customizable timed viewing 
tours of any system resource
  • 2-way audio, engaging through IP cam 
built in audio
  • IFTT Event rules engine
  • HTTP events & actions combined with notifications, soft triggers and more
  • Bookmarks manually & automatically


Xstream Hardware Wisenet Q Wisenet X

Future standard
now for Business-Intelligence
and AI

Best performance for every scenario, area and field, even with difficult light conditions. Xccelo is partner and software developer for Hanwha cameras. We deliver all product ranges of the leading brand for camera systems.The highest performant and relevant premium technology is covered with Wisenet Q and Wisenet X series. Yet we focus on every specific and individual requirement of our clients to deliver the perfect fit solution, also with 3rd party camera technology.

Ideal for small and midsized corporate applications and retail-intelligence.

New, price-efficient and userfriendly for all significant applications in smaller and midsized security scenarios. The 24 cameras in 2 MP and 4 MP quality provide many innovative functions to set smart sector standard. Q-series Wisenet delivers a wide range of bullet-, dome- and vandalism-protected cameras for indoor- and outdoor-use. Sharpest image quality for high performance in any corporate, retail and office sector.

Wisenet Q-series together with our PoE NVRs save time and invest for your indiviual configuration, and provide professional surveillance and intelligent detection in lobbys, parking areas, elevators, hallways and every space to fulfil highest security.

Compact and relevant:
  • H.265 / H.264 compression
  • Image frequency max. 20 BpS at 4 MP
  • Wise Stream
  • Hallway View (90°/270° image shift)
  • LDC object rectification
  • Real WDR (120 dB)
  • Reduced bandwidth requirement
  • Motion detection, manipulation, defocussing detection
  • Audio on-, alarm entry and exit
  • Edge storage (Micro SD, SDHC, SDXC 128GB, NAS)
  • Dual powersupply PoE/12VDC
  • IP66/IK10 (outdoor cameras)
  • Compact construction
  • Lens-functions

Ideal for smaller and medium-sized applications in business, retail and security.

This series resembles standard of excellence in market, delivering most innovative and
exclusive video- and audio-analysis functions for professional efficient security- surveillance-
and businessintelligence-solutions.

As Hanwha partner we provide the most leading products and technologies one-stop-shop.
The Hanwha X-series provides extended compression H 265, the hihgest brilliant image quality.

  • Imageprocessing and -transmission, various Inviro GOV/LPF and more
  • Reduction of systemcost at same image quality
  • Optimized band width
  • Business-Intelligence and virtual lines & areas, in-out, direction-sensing, defocussing recognition,
    fog detection, manipulation, heatmapping, temperature-surveillance, identification technology for
    people, objects, animals, accoustic recognition and much more
  • USB connection for installer via WiFi, surveillance and navigation with all mobile devices enabled

Xstream hightech software

Xstream. Maximum VMS Platform.
This open developed platform enables intuitive usability and scalability of cameras as well as integration of 3rd party systems and much more. It delivers

  • extensive documentated REST API for integration of all systems and devices
  • Source SDK for integration of further video-/audio and I/O devices
  • Storage SDK, Integration of 3rd party server solutions
  • HTTP generic events, immedieate integration with any standard HTTP solution
  • Metadata SDK for integration of every objectoriented computer vision
  • Smart application for deep learning and artificial intelligence